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Near chaos drawings

Images exploring randomness and chaos, more images are in Graphic and Light Folios

The HHM and Sinewave machines were modified to help study 'near chaos' and a new turntable machine -  NTT - was built for this purpose. The Light Rig machine was also designed to faclitate the new work. This  has provided material for papers published in international magazines.  One factor which is at the root of 'near chaos' is the use of broken line effects rarely seen in other drawing machines on the internet.

The intent in researching  'near  chaos' differs from previous notions in that the programming is set to push the drawing to a tipping point where the image is almost incoherent. Contrary to expectations,  the drawings often exhibit secondary patterns, due to the broken line produced by the pen lift and the overall aspects retain  coherence. It is accepted that the extent of this is of course governed by the viewer's subjective judgement.

A selection of 'near chaos' images. The first six are from the HHM and NTT machines with both turnable and horizontal platforms.   Below these are three  recent light drawings  and lastly  drawings from the NSEW machine.

In three of the drawings a two colour pen has been used which is a new device. The difficulty of  keep two pens in contact with the paper has been solved and helps to increase the chaos potential. The lower right drawing shows the contribution of pen lift  'near chaos'.