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When I specialised in architectural photography in the 80's I had need of a super-wide angle camera. The only ones available were very costly so I designed and built one. A number of different prototypes were built which all sold. This led to a small business, JTC (Jack Tait Cameras) in making a 6x9 cm super-wide  cameras with rising front and a tracking viewfinder.  

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At various times since I have continued to make cameras in 6x12 cm, 5x4 and 5x7 inch formats.

In addition to camera design, I  produced large photographic murals  for architectural interior use, designed a Kodak calendar  commemorating the Kodak Colour Scholarship scheme, and a cover for Esso magazine.

Wide  5x4 field camera 75mm interchangeable lens  

6x12 cm wide angle 65mm lens

5x7 very wide angle box camera 75 mm lens, no shutter

JTC 6x9 camera 47mm  and 65mm lenses

Four out of 15 different cameras