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Musical instruments

During lockdown I made a number of string instrumentsvwith the

itention of having access to different sounds tovaccompany any  

future videos. These combine  my taitograph drawing images with

soundtracks recorded on a range of instruments from Piano,

Saxophones, Guitar and others.

Mainly string instruments

Three string cigar box guitar

Four string cigar box guitar

As amateur musician of limited ability, similarities  between music

and art justify combining images with sound.  Listed are 2 cigar

box guitars (one sold) an Oud and  Yali Tanbur, (classical Arabic

instruments) a restored Banjo,  a cello converted into a Viola

de Gamba (also sold)  a Welsh Cwrth and a few  simple flutes.

Restored banjo

Small cello conversion to Viola de Gamba

Arabic Oud modified shape to simplify construction.

A Yali Tanbur, classical Turkish bowed instrument, with a banjo type of head and a

stainles steel bowl as resonator. A damaged banjo was canibalized to make this and

the spare neck used on the hybrid below.

A Welsh medieaval Crwth, a bowed instrument circa 16 century but its design goes

back many centuries. The guitar string heads are not in the original design!

Many of these are fitted with an electronic pick up to allow playing wirh an amplifier.

Amercian Indian traditional flute

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