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HHM and Light drawings

Images made by programmable drawing machines

The HHM machine history is described on the drawing machine page. It relies on a specific linkage between X and Y axes which has the effect of increasing the swing of the pen arm. It now has  sun and planet drives on  the X and Y axes  and the precise ratio between them  is governed by a differential placed between the two outputs. This allows a very close ratio which controls the line to line progression with great accuracy.

As in all machines the elimination of backlash is crucial and the HHM machine can sustain a 0.5mm line placed 0.5 mm distance away  from the previous one with no line deviation. Coupled with a pen lift device it explores images on the edge of chaos.

Light drawings rely on a variety of light pens with colour changers being moved by a programmed  NSEW plotter or a turntable. The results are recorded into a digital camera.


One of the First HHM

images similar to Henry's

Current images showing the increased complexity and pen lift effects.

Three light images showing a little of the variations