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Abergavenny showing the Sugar Loaf from the Blorenge

This website is in three parts:- Career data in 'Home' and 'About me',  'Taitographs' i.e. machine drawings together with the 'Machines', and 'Photography' and 'Writing'. Photography is subdivided into a variety of aspects such as People, Still life  etc whilst the 'Writing' section covers book publishing and  'Design', both camera making and graphic design.  


Click on the black headings at the top of the page which lead to the main sections. Each section has sub divisions. In  'Photography', 'Taitographs' and 'Machines' the navigating is done by clicking on the individual lead pictures. In 'Writing' and 'Design' the small thumbnails allow toggling between the two sections. In the 'Links'  section in the Footer below, you can call up four recent movies dealing with  Taitographs  where the philosophy of machine art is discussed together with my own musical backgrounds. Other links lead to sites associated with mine.  Some books are for sale, as are copies of any image. You can contact me on the machinedraw link above.

Thank you for  looking.   Jack Tait 2019

Home is on the side of a Welsh mountain, north of Abergavenny near the Sugar Loaf. I live there with my wife Rita and two cats, dividing my time between photography, engineering and music. You can see photographs, drawing machines, their images, books, camera making and design. For recent work see  Machine 2